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Who We Are

My name is Salvador Coquix, I founded Tour Guide Salvador. We have been operating since 2010, in the beginning my involvement had a particular focus with the adventure segment offering volcano and mountain hikes nearby my town. Since then I have extended my tour offerings as my passion for providing tours grew. To expand my knowledge of the tourism industry in 2012 I studied a course on National Tour Guides in Guatemala City. Since 2012, I’ve been offering tailor-made tours all over Guatemala for individuals, couples and families. I also recruited two experienced and knowledgeable partners to come and join my team, so together we can provide the best local tours exclusive to Guatemala.

In 2015 I took part in bird identification training, supported by the Audubon Society. The training has enabled me to provide specialized tours for bird watching.

I take great pride in Tour Guide Salvador, a company founded and expanded myself. I have created the perfect balance between pleasure and learning; combining culture, nature and adventure.

Meet the Team

Salvador Coquix
Founder & Tour Guide

My name is Salvador Coquix Lacan, I was born in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala. I am a professional tour guide with a passion for exploring and adventure. My culture and heritage are very important to me and the authenticity of my company. I am a descendant of the Mayan “Tz’utujil” ethnic group, I speak Mayan, Spanish and English. I graduated from the National Tour Guides School in 2012 and I have been authorized by the Guatemalan Tourism Board (INGUAT). To Further my studies, in 2015 I took part in bird identification training, supported by the Audubon Society to expand my tour offerings.

Benjamin Hernandez
Tour Guide

My name is Benjamín Hernández, an empathetic, energetic young man born in the community of San Juan La Laguna (around the majestic Lake Atitlan). I am a descendant of the ethnic Mayan group “Tz’utujil”, since I was little I have been passionate about studying nature and the Cosmovisión of the Mayans, reading many books to delve deeper in my knowledge of them. My enthusiasm for my work prompted my studies in 2019 to achieve an accreditation as a General Guide of Tourists in Guatemala. I look forward to sharing my culture and knowledge of Guatemala with you.

Antonio Chiquival
Tour Guide

My name is Antonio Chiquival, a young and fun tour guide from Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala. My culture is very important to me and I love to share it with my customers, so my tours have a fine balance between my Mayan lifestyle and adventure. I started giving tours in 2014, working as a mountaineer guide for the many volcanoes we have in Guatemala. I have a great passion for outdoor activities and would love to guide you on some amazing adventures that we offer.