About Us

My name is Salvador Coquix, I am the founder of Tour Guide Salvador brand since 2010. I started to involve in tourism since the year 2010 through the adventure segment. I begain to do hiking tours to volcanoes and mauntains nearby of my town. Two years later I wished to be a General tour guide in all over Guatemala, for those reasons i wanted to extending my knowlage about many topics. In the year 2012 I studied the National Tour Guide career in Guatemala City.

In the year 2015 I had a training about birds indentification, it was a program supported by Adubon Society. Since then i am specialized tour guide for bird watching too. After couple years I invited two partners and it mean now we are a team of three excellent and experienced tour guides. Our tours are focus in Adventure, Mayan Culture and two of us expert in Birdwatching


Founder & Tour Guide

Salvado Coquix

My name is Salvador Coquix Lacan. I was born in Santiago Atitlan, Solola Guatemala. I am an explorer, adventurer and professional tour guide. I graduated in the National tour guides school and authorized by Guatemalan Tourism Boarding (INGUAT) with a licence number 1,141 I am a descendant of the Mayan Tzutujil ethnic group from Guatemala. In the year 2015 i had one of the my lasts training about birdwatching and it was supported by Adubon Society.

Tour Guide

Benjamin Hernandez

My name is Benjamín Hernández, a sympathetic, energetic young man born in the community of San Juan La Laguna (around the majestic Lake Atitlán), I am a descendant of the ethnic Mayan group “Tz’utujil”, since I was little I have been interested in the nature and the mayan cosmovision, which made me read and delve deeper into those issues.For my enthusiasm and passion to my work in 2019 I continue studying to have the accreditation as General Guide of Tourists in Guatemala

Tour Guide

Antonio Chiquival

My name is Antonio Chiquival, a young and fun tour guide. I was born in Santiago Atitlan, Solola Guatemala. I like the adventure and i love my culture. I like to share our mayan style life with our costumers. I sterted this job since the year 2014 and ha been working such as a mountaneering guide to any volcanoes of my beautiful contry. I love to practice outdoor activities and it will be an amazing oportunity to guide you.