Lake Atitlan Coffee Tour

Price: $60,00


Guatemala is one of the most known country in the world where there are good coffee. We have been producing coffee during many years and it mean that has been supporting the economy of the country. We want to share with you since the coffee conquisted the world and when Guatemala begun produce coffee, also we can share you more about all the process since seeds, plants, harvest, dried, rousted, grounded. Also we want you be part of this step of cupping that is a method of evaluating different characteristics of a particular coffee bean. Cupping allows us to compare and contrast coffees against each other, and allows us to get a better understanding of each coffee and that form you can taste the flevor each one.




Included Pick up/drop off in your hotel, boat taxi, entrance fee, cups of coffe tasting and a tour guide
Does not include: Meals and (tips Optional)
Departure Time/ Place: 7:30 AM/ Panajachel or Lale Atitlan Area
Length: Flexible
What to bring? Water, sunscreen, confortable clothes and snacks