Lake Atitlan Hike

Price: $50,00


A popular hike around some of the stunning Lake Atitlan, be prepared for magnificence. The hike will begin in Santa Cruz La Laguna and will end in San Marcos La Laguna. The trail is a combination between up and down hill and is approximately 9km. This is a relatively easy hike, recommended for all ages. 

  • Lake view
  • Mayan Villages
  • Corn and beans field
  • Pick-up/drop-off: Panajachel or Lake Atitlan Area.
  • Length: 4 hours total (2 hrs hike)
  • Begin at: 7:30 am.



Included: Pick-up/Drop-off from your hotel, boat taxi for transfer and a tour guide
Does not include: Meals (tips Optional)
Departure Time/ Place: 7:30 AM/ Panajachel or Lake Atitlan area
Length: Flexible (approximately 4 hours)
What to bring? Water, sunscreen, comfortable clothes and snacks