Lake Atitlan Reeds Tour

Price: $50,00


We focuse this tour about the envairoment and the ecology of the Lake Atitlan. The reeds plants are planted by the local farmers and local people shoreside of the lake atitlan is one of the most important in the process of envairomental program. Some villagess is not allovew to use more plastics. We want to be part of that program through the plant of reeds because it help or absorbe the organic nutrients and catch trashs that it flow in the lake through the rain. We invite you to see the process and the local reeds farmers history. Also you can make your matt or a fan for yoursel with the reeds material. The tour take 4 hours in total since the first step to the final product.



Included: Pick up/drop off in your hotel, boat taxi, local boat, entrance fee and a tour guide and a suvenir.
Does not include: Meals and (tips Optional)
Departure Time/ Place: 7:30 AM/ Panajachel or Lale Atitlan Area
Length: 4 hours
What to bring? backpack, water, sunscreen, confortable clothes