Three Mayan Villages Tour

Price: $60,00


Visit three typical Mayan villages around from Lake Atitlan. The trip starts from San Pedro La Laguna, where we will head to Santiago Atitlan, Panajachel or San Marcos (optional) and San Juan La Laguna. This is a round trip around the Lake, where we will spend an hour in each town and end in San Pedro La Laguna. The tour starts at 8:30am and finishes at around 3pm. 

Each village is known for its own unique style and tradition, Santiago Atitlan is a colourful village and is famous for its name as it is the only village named after the lake. We will visit the Mayan saint Maximon`s cofradias, this is a very unique experience to Santiago. We will also walk through the colourful market and witness the activities of locals at the market. San Juan La Laguna is known for the murals on the walls and the indigenous women`s art & crafts and natural dye cooperatives. Finally, Panajachel is a town known to be shared with many foreigners and locals making it a multicultural village. 

Come and join our tour and immerse yourself in the Mayan culture of Lake Atitlan.



Included: Pick-up/Drop-off from your hotel, boat taxi for transfer and tour guide
Does not include: Meals and (tips optional).
Departure Time/ Place: 9:00 AM/ Panajachel.
Length: full day (flexible).
What to bring? Backpack, water, sunscreen, comfortable clothes.