Volcan Pacaya Hike

Price: $70,00


Come to visit and enjoy an adventure in one of the  activest volcanoes in Guatemala, its 2500 m. above the sea; the environment is formed by humid forest and rocks.

This day you will visit the Pacaya National Park, pacaya volcano climbing experience is not required, a volcano is very accessible and easy to climb that offers one of the most breathtaking views from heights, see the fumaroles and watch it a few meters is a unique experience of their visit.

Transfer from Antigua, we pick you up at your hotel there and to transfer by shuttle to the volcano Pacaya and from there,we start hiking from the San Francisco de Sales de village and begin ascent through a trail and it takes around 1 and half hour up and 1 hour to coming down.



Included: Pick up/drop off in your hotel, transport for transfer, entrance fee and a tour guide
Does not include: Meals and (tips Optional)
Departure Time/ Place: 8:00 AM/ Antigua or Guatemala City
Length: 1.5 hrs to hike pu/1 hrs to coming down
What to bring? Water, sunscreen, confortable clothes and snacks or box lunch