Volcán Tajumulco (Xela or San Marcos)

Price: $70,00


Tajumulco is the highest Volcano in Guatemala, and in all of Centrale America. It is a real adventure to hike on the top. Its highest summit is 4.220 meters above sea level  (13.850 ft). The tour starts from Xela or San Marcos. Your guide goes to pick you up at your hotel.

  • 4:00am Pick you up at your hotel in Xela and transfer by chicken bus to San Marcos.
  • 5:00am From San Marcos we take an other chicken bus to Las Cruses.
  • 6:00am Arrival at Las Cruses begin of the ascension for about 3hrs hike.
  • 9:00am Arrival to the top to admire the view.
  • 10:00am Descent for about 2hrs hike.
  • 12:00pm Arrival to Las Cruses and transfer back to Xela.



Included: Pick up/drop off in your hotel in Xela or San Marcos, collective transport for transfer, entrance fee and a tour guide
Does not include: Meals and (tips Optional)
Departure Time/ Place: 6:00 AM/ Quetzaltenango (Xela)
Length: 3 hours hike up/2.5 hours to coming down
What to bring? ackpack, water, sunscreen, warm clothing, rain jacket, hiking shoes, box lunch or snacks and flash light